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Why Choose Malaa ?

Malaa Property

Malaa is committed to getting the best results for every client. Whether you are looking for an experienced agent to sell your home or a team of dedicated property managers, we can help you achieve your goals.

Why choose us for sales?

Our proactive sales techniques consistently achieve higher sales prices in the shortest possible time frame for our clients.You will be provided with a detailed marketing schedule prior to introducing your property to the market. We keep you up to date. Our comprehensive reporting system keeps our sellers well abreast of the market and the progression of the sale of their home.


Why choose us for property management?

The experienced property management team at Malaa provides outstanding service and can help you find and retain quality tenants.

We care about what we do

We always want to do well by our clients: we care about their reputation as much as we do about ours. This is partly professional pride, partly personal ethics. Doing a good job really matters to us.

Full Variety of Services

Through the services we provide in commercial, industrial and investment real estate, we can:

  • Help sellers get the most money for their purchases.
  • Help sellers price their properties correctly based on current local market conditions.
  • Help buyers find the right contractors to inspect buildings, in order to avoid any unexpected issues with given properties.
  • Help buyers avoid over paying for properties by strategically negotiating purchase and lease terms from the beginning.
  • Negotiate leases that benefit both the lessee and the lessor.
  • Manage multi-tenant investment properties to help you save time and money.